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Rentals – NOW 7 Days A Week

Sweetwater Kayaks is proud to be the ONLY AUTHORIZED provider of kayak and standup paddleboards (SUP) for Weedon Island Preserve.

Call the shop at 727-570-4844 for more information.

Weedon Island Preserve, Cultural and Natural History Center
1800 Weedon Drive NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702



Map to Weeden Island Preserve

Navigating through the mangrove tunnels at Weedon Island.


To get on the water faster, print out the rental form, fill it out, and bring it with you.

Kayak Rentals*
 Sweetwater Kayaks offers  hourly rental rates or longer, see below…. Reservations are highly recommended and may be made after 9:00 a.m. Sweetwater also offers daily or half day rental rates ALL walk-up rentals are subject to boat availability. ALL rentals are due back by 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday  Rental Rates* and Times
Self guided paddling begins at 9:00a.m. or 1:00p.m. Reservations recommended. Walk-up’s Welcome. Last kayaks launch at 3:00p.m. All rentals are due back by 5p.m.
Hourly 4 hour
One Person Kayak $17.00 $40.00
Two Person Kayak $25.00 $56.00
Stand Up Paddle Board $20.00 $50.00
Weekday Rentals*
Rentals begin at 10:00a.m. Last launch is at 3:00p.m. ALL rentals are due back by 5:00 p.m.
Rates* Hourly 4 hour Full Day
One Person Kayak $17.00 $40.00 $80.00
Two Person Kayak $25.00 $56.00 $112.00
Stand Up Paddle Board $20.00 $50.00 $100.00
*You’ll receive faster service if you will call us in advance. Please bring a cell phone with you.  Contact the shop for tide information or any other questions you need answered. We can be reached at 727-570-4844. Have a great trip!!

Local Weather Information

Check out the wind and rain forcast before heading out on NOAA site (Adjust date and time as necessary).

Here is the marine forecast for the Saint Petersburg / Tampa Bay area, current temperatures around the state, and the extended seven day forecast for the Saint Petersburg / Tampa Bay area courtesy of BayNews9’s website. Please note the tides listed by BayNews9 are for the Saint Petersburg Pier and not Weedon Island. For accurate tidal information for Weedon Island, please consult the appropriate tide chart below.

Maps and Tidal Information

Map to Weedon Island Preserve

Local Tide Chart for Weedon Island area. (Adjust date as necessary).

Sweetwater Kayaks’ rental location is just south of the Cultural Center on Weedon Island


  • What should we bring? For starters bring your Florida gear – sun screen, sunglasses, and a hat. Also pack drinking water (at least 1 quart per person), a watch, and a cell phone. Other items to make your time more enjoyable would include a small soft sided cooler with snacks or even lunch, dry bag to keep your electronic gear and keys dry,a waterproof camera, and bug repellant. One last item worth consideing are watershoes as you will be entering and exiting the kayak while the craft is in the water. Please note flip flops are not watershoes.
  • Can we kayak in the rain? What about wind? Read our policy on weather conditions.
  • There are no alligators at Weedon Island Preserve, just lots of beautiful birds, dolphins, and manatees.
  • No experience is necessary as the kayaks are very stable.
  • You will be provided with the gear needed for paddling.
  • The Weedon Island Preserve
    1. The Weedon Preserve trail is marked by numbered signs. It is probably the best marked trail in the area.
    2. The 4 mile loop trail at Weedon Preserve takes you through a mangrove forest via mangrove tunnels and lagoons. Most paddlers complete it in about 3 hours.
    3. The water at Weedon Island Preserve is shallow and clear.


The pictures represent the basic types of kayaks. The actual models may vary.

This kayak is very user friendly and is great for the whole family. Just hop on and paddle away! Only singles are available. Please call ahead for availability.

Recreational Kayak
These kayaks have large open cockpits which are easy to get in and out of. They are generally wider than sea kayaks and are more stable. They are actually more stable than sit-on-top kayaks.

Tandem (for two people) Recreational Kayak
Double your fun with is kayak. A single, wide open cockpit design gives this tandem a canoe-like appearance. We have several different models of tandem kayaks in our fleet. Just as an F.Y.I. the RTM Brio, pictured here, also has a small jump seat in front of the rear seat. This enables two people plus a small child to occupy the same boat.

Light Touring Kayak**
We have several types of light touring kayaks which are appropriate for the beginner as well as the experienced kayaker. Based on information provided, we will select the kayak right for you.

**Boats are equipped with skegs not rudders as shown

Sea Kayaks
Fiberglass and plastic sea kayaks are available upon request, but are not part of the standard rental fleet. Higher rental rates apply for sea kayaks and are only available from our shop location. If you are interested in paddling a sea kayak, please contact the shop at least one day in advance for rental price and boat availability.


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