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Used Kayaks


We have a huge selection of new as well as used & consignment kayaks. We try to keep this page updated but please call the shop or email to confirm  the availability of a specific kayak or paddleboard. We can also help to arrange shipping along the East Coast of USA if needed!


Hurricane Sojourn 135 Asking $900 This boat is a great balance of nimble and quick for a stable recreational boat. And it’s light enough to easily get on top of the car. Only 45lbs!


Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Asking $1000 A fantastic choice for a small person looking for a plastic touring boat. 16’6 by 21.5″


SIC SCC FX 12.6   Beautiful new board at a great price. This carbon board is lightweight, fast, and can handle chop and downwind adventures. New $2899, Asking $1900


Tiderace XCAPE   Beautiful and efficient expedition sea kayak. $3200 17’8 long and 21.5″ wide 55lbs


Stellar S18I  Orange over white with a grey seam. 18′ long, 21″ wide.  Advantage layup is only 43.7lbs! A lightweight and extremely fast boat that makes covering long distances a breeze! Asking $2599

unnamed-3North Shore Ocean  17′ long, 21.6″ wide, 55lbs  Asking $2999  This is a fast yet stable kayak that is great for day trips and has room for extended trips. Pristine condition!


Pulse Jelly  11′ by 29″ wide. This is an excellent board for a smaller person who wants a board with great glide on the water. Originally $1500, Sale $1096


P&H Sirius HV   17′ long, 20.5″ wide. A cult classic boat that paddles straight and fast. In great shape! Asking $1199


Point 65 Cappuccino Nigel Foster Designed boat. 13’2 long and 24″ wide, only 46lbs. This is a great nimble little boat to cruise through the mangroves, paddle the local rivers, or just have fun in some bumpy water! Asking $2100


Valley Anas Acuta   The closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak. Ocean cockpit.  17’2 long, 20″ wide, Approx 58Lbs  Asking $1800


Current Designs Speedster  Asking $900   19’11” x  18″ Kevlar construction and only weighs 28lbs. In pristine shape for a 1999. Great price to jump into ski ownership!


STELLAR SEL EXCEL. $1800. 21.6 feet long by 17.3″ wide. If you want a lightweight boat and to go fast, this is a great deal. Only 26lbs!


Chesapeake Light Craft 15.  Hand made wooden boat.  Asking $750


VALLEY NORDKAPP $2500 18′ Long by 21″ wide. This is a quick expedition boat that is in great condition. Approx 50lbs.


Valley Nordkapp (KEVLAR) 2007  Length 17’10” Beam 21″ Weight 48Lbs Price: $2800


EDDYLINE FATHOM 2008 USED Length- 16.5′ Beam- 22″ Weight- Approx 50lbs  Great boat if you are looking for a sea kayak that isn’t a composite and is on the lighter side. Asking $1999


USED IMPEX FORCE 4 – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 20.75″, WEIGHT 58LBS. Fast & straight tracking sea kayak the Force 4 is an excellent choice for the medium to larger sized paddler. Asking $1995.00


USED P&H ARIES 155 – LENGTH 15’5, BEAM 22.5″, WEIGHT 53LBS. This boat does it all! It’s great for exploring the mangroves or cruising the coast. Like to surf the Aries is for you! Asking $2900.00


1995 Valley Anas Acuta $1200. Ocean cockpit.  The closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak  New Immersion Research backhand and a built in hand pump behind the cockpit.


USED EDDYLINE FALCON – LENGTH 16′, 20.5″, WEIGHT 45LBS. Lightweight & fast the Falcon is at home in the mangroves or gulf. Asking $850.00


USED NDK EXPLORER – LIKE NEW CONDITION! Custom bulkhead placement makes this a great boat for the smaller paddler. Comes with compass, spare paddle holder, & cockpit cover. Asking $2800.00


USED NDK EXPLORER LV – LENGTH 17’6″, BEAM 21″, WEIGHT 56LBS. Superb touring kayak for the smaller paddler – straight tracking, stable, maneuverable! Good condition – Asking $2200


USED NECKY CHATHAM 17 – LENGTH 17’9″, BEAM 20″, WEIGHT 48LBS. Great condition, fast & lightweight touring boat. Asking $1800.00


USED VALLEY NORDKAPP w/skeg – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21″, WEIGHT 54LBS. A cult classic for certain! Good condition for her age but needs some love. Asking $500 obo


USED ATLANTIS WAVE – LENGTH 16’5″, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 54LBS. Fun day trip or weekend cruising, easy steering with rudder, great condition – asking $1999.00


USED EDDYLINE FALCON 18 – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21, WEIGHT 54LBS. Excellent condition, sleek on the water, lightweight loading it on the car. Asking $750.00


USED VALLEY SKERRAY RM – LENGTH 17, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 58LBS. Fun touring kayak- stable, easy to roll, room for gear, skeg. Asking $600


USED KAYAK SPORT MILLENIUM – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21.5, WEIGHT 58LBS. Stable & straight tracking expedition kayak. Loads of room for the larger paddler. Asking $1000


USED ATLANTIS MIST – LENGTH 16’5″, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 54LBS. Fun day trip or weekend cruising, easy steering with rudder, great condition – asking $1999.00


USED VALLEY ANAS ACUDA – LENGTH 17’2″, BEAM 2O”, WEIGHT 52LBS. Has additional day hatch, sprayskirt & cockpit cover. Asking $1300.00


USED MEGA UFO VENOM CARBON/KEVLAR- LENGTH 8’8, BEAM 23.5″. SWEET Surf machine for up to 175lbs. Asking $1650.00


SKIN ON FRAME – LENGTH 16’5, BEAM 20′,Comes with skin. Awesome project boat. Asking $1200.00 obo.