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Classes with Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster returns to Sweetwater Kayaks offering two days of skills courses for sea kayakers.

Directional Control for Coastal Kayaking.
Saturday May 9th, 10 am till 4 pm

Learn how to get your kayak to go where you want it to with minimum effort. Go straight in wind and also learn to turn efficiently. Get your kayak to be a playful, fun craft. A must do course for trip leaders that need boat control skills to properly look after others. Learn from the most respected sea kayak coach in the world, in our own backyard! — $125.00

Mastering the Forward Stroke.
Sunday, May 10th, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Learn how to propel your kayak more efficiently through the water. Not only learn the physics of the forward stroke, but more importantly learn how to make them work with your own physiology. Everyone that has taken this class in the past has raved about being able to connect  with the kayak for a more efficient stroke, so keeping up with your friends becomes a lot easier! — $125.00

Contact the shop at 727-570-4844 to make your reservation.


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