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No matter what class we are teaching, we customize our lessons to fit your needs and abilities. Our goal is to have fun on the water while learning new skills or fine tuning what you already know.

Lessons are either by appointment or prescheduled. Call the shop at 727-570-4844 to set up a class, or check our Facebook Events page for lessons that are already scheduled to run.

*Everyone teaching classes for Sweetwater has been trained and certified as an instructor, so you will be in good hands! Read about the instructor team HERE

Things to bring to class:

  • Dress appropriately for conditions (If it will be cold, bring extra layers, farmer jane/john, wetsuit, etc.)
  • Water
  • Water shoes recommended (We will likely be in and out of kayaks/boards and in proximity to oyster beds, rocks, etc.)
  • A snack. Some classes can be tiring and having an extra boost of energy can make all the difference.
  • Sun protection. (Sun hats, sunscreen, long sleeves, or however you choose to protect yourself from the sun)
  • If you are in a rolling class, we highly recommend either a swim mask that covers your nose, or a combination of swim goggles and nose clip.

Sweetwater kayaks is happy to provide you with a kayak or paddleboard to use at no extra cost. We may require you to use one of our boats or boards if we believe yours could be unsafe or inappropriate for the class. (Such as a sit on top for a roll class)  We require PFDs to be used during instructional classes as well as any other safety equipment deemed necessary by your instructor. Classes are subject to cancellation due to weather or any other hazards.

Kayaking Classes

  • Introduction to Kayaking Part 1 – $80  This class is great for first timers who want to start off on the right foot, or for people with some paddling experience wanting to work on the foundational skills and get a fresh perspective on technique. Intro to kayaking can cover everything from getting comfortable being on the water to refining existing skills using core principals.
    • Class is approximately 3 hours in duration.
    • Two hours of instruction time, one hour of free paddle time.
    • Appropriate for all ages
    • Sit on top or sit inside kayak friendly
    • Dress to get wet!
  • Introduction to Kayaking Part 2 – $80  This class continues where Part 1 left off. We will hone and refine your skills from Part 1 while introducing edging, bracing, and skulling strokes. You will also learn advanced rescue techniques and be introduced to the Eskimo roll. While rolling is not taught in this class, this class will give you the foundational skills necessary to advance to the rolling class.
    • Class is approximately 3 hours in duration.
    • Appropriate for all ages
    • Appropriate for Sit inside kayaks with skirts
    • Dress to get wet!
    • Completion of Introduction to Kayaking Part 1, not required. However, this is not an introductory class and students are required to have the necessary prerequisite skills.
  • Kayak Rescues Class – $80  Any time you are out for a paddle there is a potential chance of a capsize happening, and knowing what to do in that situation can make a huge difference.
    • Approximately 3 hours in duration.
    • Appropriate for all ages
    • Great for beginners
    • Recommended for Sit Inside kayaks, skirt recommended
    • Dress to get wet!
    • Different techniques are covered for different mobility levels, water conditions, or kayak types.
    • Also covers bracing to prevent capsize
10:00 a.m. November 11, 2018
4 hours – $80
Reservations required


  • Sea Kayak Rolling Class – $80  One of the most common skills sea kayakers want to learn is rolling. In this class we will break down the proper steps and technique to rolling your kayak back upright safely and efficiently. Everyone learns this skill at a different pace, so often more than one session is needed for a reliable roll.
    • Approximately 2 hours in duration
    • This class is private one on one instruction.
    • Dress to get wet
    • Nose plugs or a scuba mask recommended
    • Some kayaking experience highly recommended before taking this class
    • Limited Time Offer $40 per class. Click HERE for this offer.
October Special – Multiple times on Sundays. Click above for details.
2 hours – $40
Reservations required
  • Paddling for Kayak Anglers – $80  Fishing kayaks are great for storing gear and being stable enough to stand on, but the one thing they can be hard to do- is paddle! We will give you some tips and tricks for streamlining your paddle stroke and moving your boat more efficiently. That means more energy saved for fishing once you get to your spot, and less muscle aches after a long day on the water.
    • Approximately 2 hours in duration
    • Perfect for sit on top fishing kayaks
    • Great for beginners and experienced paddlers
  • Greenland Sea Kayak Classes – $80 These classes are geared towards paddlers with an interest in the art of paddling a Greenland style sea kayak and/or a Greenland paddle. Greenland paddling skills can range from basic paddling and maneuvering skills to a special style of rolling. Price determined based on specific classes. More information to come.
  •  We also offer private instruction for $65/hr for other skills and needs you may have that aren’t included in our current class listings.

Paddleboard Classes


  • Intro to SUP – $80  Start your paddleboarding adventures off on the right foot. In this class we will cover the skills necessary to help you feel comfortable on a paddle board and get it moving in the direction you want to go. We will also cover basic concepts and techniques to set the foundation for you to build your skills as you advance as a paddleboarder.
    • Approximately 1.5- 2 hours long.
    • Dress to get wet!
    • Classes are more wind affected than kayak classes
    • Maximum class size is 5 people
  • SUP Skills – $80  This is a great class for building your SUP skills and advancing your technique. We will work on some more technical methods for making your board go where you want with improved efficiency. We recommend you have some SUP experience prior to this course, or have taken an intro class. (This is a great class for sea kayakers who are interested in cross-training to improve their boating skills!)
    • Approximately 2 hours long.
    • Dress to get wet!
    • Classes are wind affected.
  • We also offer private instruction for $80/hr for other skills and needs you may have that aren’t included in our current class listings.