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Symposium Classes

– 2019 Class Schedule –

February 16th and 17th

BC SUP Skills Award

BC Discipline Support Model for Coaches

February 18th and 19th

BC The Core Training

February 20th and 21st

BC Paddle Sports Instructor Training

Friday Morning Classes – February 22nd

Core Principles
Solo Canoe – Intro
Keeping in Balance
Boat Control

Friday Afternoon Classes – February 22nd
Bracing / Sculling
Core Principles – Open Water
Solo Canoe Journeying
Directional Control
Boat Control – Open Water

Friday Full Day Classes – February 22nd

BC 3 Star Training – Day 1

Saturday Morning Classes – February 23rd

Whacky Strokes
Comfort in Current
Women on Water
Open Water Rolling
Greenland Rolling
Greenland Skills 1
On Water Navigation
Edging and Bracing

Kayak First Aid

Coaching Blind and Visually Impaired Kayakers

Saturday Afternoon Classes – February 23th

Finesse with Foster
Playing in Moving Water
Women on Open Water
Greenland Open Water Rolling
Greenland Skills 2
Currents and Swell
Edging and Bracing on the Move

Saturday Full Day Classes – February 23th

BC 3 Star Training – Day 2

Sunday Morning Classes – February 24th

Launching and Landing Strategies
Greenland Practical Paddling
Forward Stroke
Combat Rolling
Keeping in Balance

Sunday Afternoon Classes – February 24h

Open Water Navigation
Greenland Open Water
Open Water Journeying
Open Water Crossings
Keeping in Balance – Offshore

Sunday Full Day Classes – February 24th

Coastal Kayaking Skills
Journeying Skills
Long Boat Surfing**

** If conditions permit this class will run and we are starting a waiting list with the anticipation of this class running. Please list this class on your registration form if interested so we can add your name to the waiting list.