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Symposium Course Descriptions

Symposium 2020 class schedule and new website.





Please refer to the Symposium Class Schedule for a listing of which classes will be offered each day of the symposium.




ACA Skills Day
Get your personal skills dialed in to get the most out of the coaching courses. This helps get all students at the same place for the IDW. Students have found this class enhanced their IDW class experience.

ACA L1/L2 Instructor Certification Workshop
A Level 1/2 Instructor Workshop can be completed in 3 days and can be a very efficient way to gain certification to teach in calm, near-shore environs. It is highly recommended to take a Level 2 Skills training workshop (one day) to perform at a passing level for this program. The Level I ICW flatwater Instructor Program can be completed in two days, but we highly recommend a one day skills training course prior to class to ensure your pass rate. It is possible to be passed as a Level 1instructor during a level 2 course if you didn’t quite meet the requirements for the Level 2.

Boat Control
This course gives you skills and knowledge to go from sitting in your kayak to having your kayak become an extension of your body. Moving sideways, diagonal or going straight in wind. The theory behind how and why your kayak reacts the way it does.

Boat Control – Open water.
Managing your craft in open water where it can be more likely affected by wind , wave, wakes, current, is the focus of this course. Some on water navigation, theory and paddling skills will leave you much more well rounded paddler. We may have the opportunity to play in some tidal current as well.

Bracing and Sculling
This class helps teach you how to keep from falling over by using a brace or sculling (moving) brace. Sculling helps develop skills crucial to rolling as well. These are crucial skills for someone wanting to get comfortable in open water or wanting to build confidence in journeying.

Comfort in Current
Getting used to paddling in moving water can be daunting. With this course you will get comfortable in the moving water environment and learn to use it to your advantage, crossing currents, going against current and reading the water are all covered.

Core Principals – Open Water
Learning and then focusing on core principals in open water to become a more competent, efficient paddler is what this course is about. Weather you’re crossing lakes , rivers or bays. Or journeying down coastlines this course will help make you more at ease and efficient as you travel.

Core Principals
This course introduces and reinforces the correct way to do things you do every time you paddle. From paddle blade orientation, to using your whole body for maximum efficiency this course is a must for beginners through expert paddlers.

Edging and Bracing
Get a more comfortable and solid edge for turning and going straight in wind. Bracing helps you catch yourself from falling in , a nice thing to know. Taught so you won’t hurt your shoulders while bracing.

Greenland Rolling
Learning to roll or expanding the types of rolls you do are covered here with the Greenland style paddle. Their are 32 ways to roll your kayak, how many ways do you want to roll?

Greenland Skills 1
Greenland paddling is getting more popular each year , it’s the original style of kayaking paddling going back as much as 12,000 years. Very easy on the body and at the same time very efficient, Greenland style paddling is quiet and stealthy as well as very functional. Come and learn these skills to take you paddling to the next level.

Kayak First Aid
What to bring and how to use it. What kind of first aid should you be prepared to offer and how is it different from shore based first aid are covered.

Keeping in Balance
Learning how to edge your kayak will take a lot of work out of paddling , weather going straight in wind or doing turns edging is a must have skill. Get insight into getting your kayak to feel more stable.

Navigation – Classroom.
Learn the tools and skills to get yourself from point A to point B from a highly skilled navigator. This course will teach you what the tools for navigation are beyond a map, watch and compass and how to use them. Steve Hendkind is one of the navigators on the Coast Guard sailing ship Eagle. His skill and experience make him a great coach to learn from.

Open Water Rolling
You have a roll in waist deep water with someone standing next to you….this is the next step in refining your roll. Building confidence and finesse to give you a good roll when well away from shore or in moving or bumpy water is the mission here.

This course teaches you how to right your kayak after being turned upside down. It’s a great self rescue skill, but also a forest confidence building skill. Euro blade or Greenland style paddles work equally well in this class.

Solo Canoe – Intro
Ever wondered how some paddlers can make a canoe dance ? This course ties together body, blade angle and boat edging to help make canoeing loads of fun and make you a better kayaker.

Solo Canoe – Journeying.
The canoe is the vehicle that opened up much of North America to the world. It’s a great vessel to explore in. With higher sides than most kayaks it’s more effected by wind and wave than a kayak. This course gives you skills and confidence in a practical venue to have boat control and be a proactive paddler.

Whacked Strokes
Let Nigel Foster take you through some good fun , getting you to think outside the box for trunk rotation, blade angle sensitivity and some unusual but useful strokes.

Women on Water
A course designed for women , taught by women. This course will be student led , covering a myriad of subjects from moving and loading your kayak by yourself to rescues and keeping up in a group. Designed to be thought provoking and at times a round table of discussion. Building your knowledge and confidence.


British Canoeing 3 Star Skills Training
Get training for the 3 star level. Details at British Canoe or Paddlesports North America web sites. Great for learning to transition from paddling in flat protected water to paddling in open water with wind and wave. This ties a lot of intermediate skills together.