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Used Kayaks


We have a huge selection of new as well as used & consignment kayaks. We try to keep this page updated but please call the shop or email to confirm  the availability of a specific kayak or paddleboard. We can also help to arrange shipping along the East Coast of USA if needed!


Stellar S14 LV  Shop Demo $1850  (New $2295!) 13’9 long and 22.2″ wide. Great for a petite person looking for a light and fast boat. Advantage layup ONLY 34LBS!


SIC SCC FX 12.6   Beautiful new board at a great price. This carbon board is lightweight, fast, and can handle chop and downwind adventures. New $2899, Asking $1900


Tiderace XCAPE   Beautiful and efficient expedition sea kayak. $3200 17’8 long and 21.5″ wide 55lbs


Stellar S18I  Orange over white with a grey seam. 18′ long, 21″ wide.  Advantage layup is only 43.7lbs! A lightweight and extremely fast boat that makes covering long distances a breeze! Asking $2599

unnamed-3North Shore Ocean  17′ long, 21.6″ wide, 55lbs  Asking $2999  This is a fast yet stable kayak that is great for day trips and has room for extended trips. Pristine condition!




Valley Anas Acuta   Ocean Cockpit, beautiful condition. 17’2 long, 20″ wide, 50lbs. Asking $1000


P&H Cetus LV    Yellow metal flake deck over white hull. Expedition Layup. 17’5 long, 21.25″ wide.  New Price $4399, asking $3100.


Pulse Jelly  11′ by 29″ wide. This is an excellent board for a smaller person who wants a board with great glide on the water. Originally $1500, Sale $1096


P&H Sirius HV   17′ long, 20.5″ wide. A cult classic boat that paddles straight and fast. In great shape! Asking $1199


Point 65 Cappuccino Nigel Foster Designed boat. 13’2 long and 24″ wide, only 46lbs. This is a great nimble little boat to cruise through the mangroves, paddle the local rivers, or just have fun in some bumpy water! Asking $2100


Valley Anas Acuta   The closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak. Ocean cockpit.  17’2 long, 20″ wide, Approx 58Lbs  Asking $1800


Current Designs Speedster  Asking $900   19’11” x  18″ Kevlar construction and only weighs 28lbs. In pristine shape for a 1999. Great price to jump into ski ownership!


NDK ROMANY SURF. $1400   16.04ft long by 22in wide. This boat is in brand new condition with the addition of an upgraded Immersion Research back band.


STELLAR SEL EXCEL. $1800. 21.6 feet long by 17.3″ wide. If you want a lightweight boat and to go fast, this is a great deal. Only 26lbs!


Chesapeake Light Craft 15.  Hand made wooden boat.  Asking $750


VALLEY NORDKAPP $2500 18′ Long by 21″ wide. This is a quick expedition boat that is in great condition. Approx 50lbs.


PERCEPTION AVATAR 16′  Asking $650


Valley Nordkapp (KEVLAR) 2007  Length 17’10” Beam 21″ Weight 48Lbs Price: $2800


EDDYLINE FATHOM 2008 USED Length- 16.5′ Beam- 22″ Weight- Approx 50lbs  Great boat if you are looking for a sea kayak that isn’t a composite and is on the lighter side. Asking $1999


USED IMPEX FORCE 4 – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 20.75″, WEIGHT 58LBS. Fast & straight tracking sea kayak the Force 4 is an excellent choice for the medium to larger sized paddler. Asking $1995.00


USED P&H ARIES 155 – LENGTH 15’5, BEAM 22.5″, WEIGHT 53LBS. This boat does it all! It’s great for exploring the mangroves or cruising the coast. Like to surf the Aries is for you! Asking $2900.00


1995 Valley Anas Acuta $1200. Ocean cockpit.  The closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak  New Immersion Research backhand and a built in hand pump behind the cockpit.


USED RIOT TOUR LITE 15 – GREAT CONDITION! LENGTH 14’6″, BEAM 23″, WEIGHT 56LBS. Perfect for light touring – stable & straight tracking- can add a rudder if wanted. Asking $799.00


USED EDDYLINE FALCON – LENGTH 16′, 20.5″, WEIGHT 45LBS. Lightweight & fast the Falcon is at home in the mangroves or gulf. Asking $850.00


USED NDK EXPLORER – LIKE NEW CONDITION! Custom bulkhead placement makes this a great boat for the smaller paddler. Comes with compass, spare paddle holder, & cockpit cover. Asking $2800.00


USED NDK EXPLORER LV – LENGTH 17’6″, BEAM 21″, WEIGHT 56LBS. Superb touring kayak for the smaller paddler – straight tracking, stable, maneuverable! Good condition – Asking $2200


USED NECKY CHATHAM 17 – LENGTH 17’9″, BEAM 20″, WEIGHT 48LBS. Great condition, fast & lightweight touring boat. Asking $1800.00


USED VALLEY NORDKAPP w/skeg – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21″, WEIGHT 54LBS. A cult classic for certain! Good condition for her age but needs some love. Asking $500 obo


USED ATLANTIS WAVE – LENGTH 16’5″, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 54LBS. Fun day trip or weekend cruising, easy steering with rudder, great condition – asking $1999.00


USED EDDYLINE FALCON 18 – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21, WEIGHT 54LBS. Excellent condition, sleek on the water, lightweight loading it on the car. Asking $750.00


USED VALLEY SKERRAY RM – LENGTH 17, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 58LBS. Fun touring kayak- stable, easy to roll, room for gear, skeg. Asking $600


USED KAYAK SPORT MILLENIUM – LENGTH 18′, BEAM 21.5, WEIGHT 58LBS. Stable & straight tracking expedition kayak. Loads of room for the larger paddler. Asking $1000


USED ATLANTIS MIST – LENGTH 16’5″, BEAM 22.5, WEIGHT 54LBS. Fun day trip or weekend cruising, easy steering with rudder, great condition – asking $1999.00


USED VALLEY ANAS ACUDA – LENGTH 17’2″, BEAM 2O”, WEIGHT 52LBS. Has additional day hatch, sprayskirt & cockpit cover. Asking $1300.00


USED MEGA UFO VENOM CARBON/KEVLAR- LENGTH 8’8, BEAM 23.5″. SWEET Surf machine for up to 175lbs. Asking $1650.00


SKIN ON FRAME – LENGTH 16’5, BEAM 20′,Comes with skin. Awesome project boat. Asking $1200.00 obo.


USED ORU FOLDING KAYAK – LENGTH 12′, BEAM 28″, WEIGHT 26LBS. Plastic folding recreational kayak folds up into this suitcase sized box. Complete with paddle – Asking $800.00.